A prosperous future starts with a smart initial investment. Do not miss this great opportunity to enhance your expertise, your network and your community all in one membership.

This is far more than just a professional association or networking group, the I-70/75 brings together a greatly powerful combination of people who are all invested in driving economic growth in the region forward.

Just one meeting attended could be the catalyst to new projects, partnerships or joint ventures that otherwise would have proved impossible. In the process of growing your own network and business you’ll be simultaneously boosting the long term economic health of the Dayton region.

Annual fees for this membership are only $275.00 per organization. You will not find better value for the time and resources that you invest.

This membership fee includes your entire company’s membership to the association, as well as complimentary attendance at monthly meetings for two members of your organization and several social events throughout the year. Additional members or guest may also attend the breakfast meeting for a $20 fee per person.

Joining is quick and easy, simply click the link below and get started today.

Annual Membership


Member Benefits

Joining the I-70/75 Development Association immediately makes you a part of an extensive network of high-achieving professionals determined to drive not only progress in their own companies but yours too. We include organizations in the Dayton region from Shelby County in the North all the way to Butler County in the South, and Preble County to the west, Clark County to the east.

Your membership in the area’s premier regional economic
development association opens the door to many benefits:

  • Access to information about development initiatives, upcoming construction as well as other Dayton related initiatives BEFORE they reach media outlets and the public.
  • Access to a high-powered network driving economic development in Dayton and surrounding communities.
  • Access to the finest experts in both public and private sector development, finance, market research, construction and development trends.
  • Opportunities for personal and professional development through knowledgeable speakers at monthly membership meetings and the associations Regional Economic Development Summit.
  • Members-only access to the association’s membership directory.
  • Membership newsletter as well as updates regarding your territory’s developments.
  • Opportunities to meet new customers, clients, partners and colleagues that otherwise may have been improbable to connect with.
  • Members-only networking and special events.
  • One fee covers an entire organization, therefore all your employees are covered.
  • Opportunities to contribute directly to the economic growth of Dayton